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When To Use Solid Lube

When Should I Use Solid Lubrication in My Bearing?

An explanation on why lubricating with grease has potential to cause problems and how solid lubrication can mitigate those same issues.

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Proper Shaft and Housing Fit

How to Determine Bearing Shaft and Housing Fit

A proper shaft and housing fit are vital for the life of your bearings. We break down the process for correctly determining fits.

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Axis Shaft And Housing Fits Featured Image

Shaft and Housing Fits From Axis®

A tutorial on shaft and housing fits. A difficult and generally overlooked process, determining the correct fits for bearings is highly critical in maximizing the performance and lifespan of your ball bearings. We break down the process to make it more approachable.

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Axis EMQ Featured Image

Axis® EMQ Deep Groove Ball Bearings

A deep dive on Axis ball bearings. We highlight the features that makes Axis bearings competitive in a crowded market, what has been improved when compared to standard ball bearings, and the resulting affects on bearing longevity.

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