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Replace unsightly grease lines with solid lube

Grease lines and remote lubrication systems are a good solution compared to the manual greasing process. There are details that aren’t immediately clear about long-term usability, though. Do these systems go far enough in trying to limit lubrication issues? Is there a better option?

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When To Use Solid Lube

When should I use solid lubrication in my bearing?

An explanation on why lubricating with grease has potential to cause problems and how solid lubrication can mitigate those same issues.

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What Grade Of Stainless

What Grade of Stainless Steel is Best for a Bearing?

A brief discussion on the common stainless steels used throughout the power transmission industry. Material composition and best uses are also highlighted, as well as why they’re important in a bearing.

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What Is Solid Lube

What is Solid Lubrication?

This article discusses what solid lubrication is, how it benefits bearing applications, and the potential it has to radically change how we view the process of lubrication.

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Gearbox Service Factors

What is Gearbox Service Factor? Why is it Important?

Service factors are an instrumental figure when it comes to determining the capability and expected life of a component. This article helps us understand why service factors are important and how it can affect your application.

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How to Determine Approximate Bearing Life

In order to determine a specific bearing life, the equation and table provided will provide further information like required bearing capacity as well as allowable radial load. This article is an important resource during bearing selection.

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Mounted Bearings

What Features are Important in a Mounted Bearing?

A discussion on the features important to the longevity and performance of a mounted bearing.

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Axis EMQ Featured Image

Axis® EMQ Deep Groove Ball Bearings

A deep dive on Axis ball bearings. We highlight the features that makes Axis bearings competitive in a crowded market, what has been improved when compared to standard ball bearings, and the resulting affects on bearing longevity.

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