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Lynx Roller Chain

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Our high-performance chain is rugged enough for reliability in even the most demanding agricultural and industrial applications.

Ready for your toughest situation, our chain is truly relentless.

Our products include:

Roller Chain
HD ANSI Standard • XD Extreme Duty • SH Super Heavy

Corrosion Resistant
DacroClad • EcoClad • Nickle Plated • Stainless Steel

Special Applications
Sharptop Chain • Double Pitch Chain • Leaf Chain • Coupling Chain • Engineering Class Chain • Agricultural Chain

Steel Pintle

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Roller Chain Climbing Sprockets? Causes and Solutions

Erratic movement – also known as jumping – is not a desirable trait in a chain drive. With roller chain climbing sprockets, connected components will experience detrimental forces. Sometimes the chain may even climb off the sprocket altogether! Don’t allow a drive to operate if your chain climbs the sprocket! If your chain “jumps” or…

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