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Bringing power and durability to your application.

BlackStar Power Transmission

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Superior materials and quality manufacturing process ensure BlackStar power transmission products provide peak performance in even the most highly demanding applications.

Our sprockets are made of 1045 steel (not sintered steel) and are induction hardened up to 30 teeth. meaning longer sprocket life. We use grade 35 cast iron (rather than grade 25) for stronger, longer lasting sheaves. Our bushings are made of steel and ductile, providing longer lasting value.

Our products include:

Roller Chain Sprockets
QD Style • Split Taper • Taper Lock • Finished Bore • Minimum Bore • A Plates • B Style (Single Hub) • C Style (Double Hub) • Double Strand • Double-Single Strand • Double Pitch (Including Large Roller) • Idlers


Conveyor Chain Sprockets
78 • 82 • 81X • Double Pitch Roller


Agricultural Chain Sprockets
CA550 • CA557 • CA620 • Double Pitch Roller

BlackStar Sprocket Agricultural

Pintle Chain Sprockets
662 • 667X • 667KC • 667H88C • 88K   

BlackStar Pintle Chain Sprocket

Steel & Cast Iron • A,B,C • 3V, 5V, 8V • Adjustable Pitch


Split Taper • Taper Lock • QD Style • XT Style

BlackStar Bushings

Chain • Jaw • Grid • Sleeve


Spur • Gear Rack • Bevel • Miter • Worm

BlackStar Gears

Tensioners (Rosta Style) • Set Collars (Solid, Single, and Double Split) • Weld-In Hubs (All Listed Bushing Types)

BlackStar Hubs

Looking for a specific product? Download our listing of available styles and types.

Bring power and quality to your industrial application. Learn more about BlackStar.


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