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Innovation you need combined with quality you can trust. We create a competitive advantage for distributors by providing uncompromising quality and customer service that is unmatched in the marketplace.

Tier-1 quality without the typical Tier-1 attitude.

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Baart engineers understand the importance of quality.

We take pride in our products and our innovative approach to the common problems your customers encounter every day. To us, quality and integrity go hand-in-hand. Our parts go the distance for YOUR customers, making you the hero in their eyes.

But our innovative approach isn’t applied solely to quality. We solve sourcing and service problems using this same dedication to continuous improvement. We support YOU with reliable sourcing, same-day responsiveness, and a friendly attitude that goes beyond simple order taking.

We believe our success depends on making you look good in the marketplace. But don’t take our word for it. Bring us your most challenging problem - from sourcing to application - and we’ll show you.

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Product Lines

Tier-1 Quality Products


Deep Groove

Double Row

Max Type

Angular Contact

Electric Motor Quality

Precision Planer


Extended Inner Race

Mast Guide


Needle Roller

Spherical Roller

Spherical Thrust

Cylindrical Rollers

CAM Followers

Yoke Roller

Precision Spindle Pairs

Split Ball Bushings

SAF Blocks

Adapter Sleeves

Steel Balls

Mounted Bearings

Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks

Ball Bearing Tapped Base

Ball Bearing Flange Blocks

Ball Bearing Light-Duty Flange

Ball Bearing Flange Brackets

Ball Bearing Piloted Flange

Ball Bearing Take-up Units

Ball Bearing Hanger Bearings

Ball Bearing Inserts

Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks

Roller Bearing Flange Blocks

Roller Bearing Flange Cartridge

Disc Harrow Bearings

Permanent Lubrication

Pillow Block

Tapped Base

Flange Blocks

Take-up Units

Flange Brackets


Permanent Lubrication

Roller Chain

ANSI Standard

Extreme Duty

Super Heavy

Steel Pintle


Nickel Plated



Attachment Chain

Sharp Top


Engineering Class



Speed Reducers

Inline Helical Reducer

Shaft Mount Reducer

(VMRV Series)

(X Series)



Oil Seals

Axle Seals

Wear Sleeves

End Caps

Power Transmission

Roller Chain Sprocket

Mill Chain Sprocket

Bushed Sprocket

Stainless Sprocket

Hardened Sprocket

Pintle Sprocket

Jaw Couplings

Chain Couplings

Grid Couplings

Rigid Couplings

Split Couplings


Split Taper Bushings

QD Bushings

Taper Lock Bushings

XT Bushings

V-Belt Sheaves

Variable Speed Sheaves

Poly-V Sheaves

B5V Sheaves

Weld-In Hubs

Donut Hubs

Set Collars



Open Gearing

Timing Pulleys

Special Purpose

Ball Bearings


Mounted Units

End Caps

Stainless Steel Roller Chain

Dacroclad Roller Chain

Worm Gear Reducer

Permanent Lubrication

Ball Bearings

Mounted Bearings

Bearing Inserts

Mounted Bearings

Bearing Inserts

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Four tapered roller bearings installed on a shaft. Their cups have been cut away to show the internal elements of the roller bearing.

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