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Four tapered roller bearings installed on a shaft. Their cups have been cut away to show the internal elements of the roller bearing.

Streamlining Production: The Power of Sub-Assembly Manufacturing

Discover how Baart’s sub-assembly expertise streamlines manufacturing, saves time and money for OEMs, and enhances customer satisfaction. Dive into the world of sub-assemblies and learn how they can help you to streamline production.

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A Turner mounted ball bearing with the Housing and outer bearing ring cut away to show the Lubrilife solid polymer lubrication inside.

Baart Industrial Group Introduces New Permanent Lubrication Solution for Bearings

Discover how Turner Protected by Lubrilife, a new product line from Baart Industrial Group, offers permanent lubrication for bearings, reducing machinery failures and maintenance costs in harsh environments

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Baart Industrial Group Launches Aluminum-Housed Worm Gear Speed Reducers

Baart Industrial Group launches the Vortex VMRV series of worm gear speed reducers, offering low noise, long service life, and minimal size for various industrial applications. Learn more about this innovative product and how it can meet your needs.

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