Strength. Reliability. Quiet Performance.

Vortex Speed Reducers

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Vortex speed reducers combine precision machining with rock solid construction. We build quality into our designs, ensuring rugged reliability and smooth-running performance with less noise and vibration than the competition.

Tough enough for the most demanding applications, our speed reducers build productivity into your industrial systems.

Our products include:

Shaft Mount Speed Reducers
Gear Boxes • Bushings • Screw Conveyor Adapters • Screw Conveyor Drive Shafts • Motor Mounts • Torque Arms • Back Stops • Repair Kits

Worm Gear Speed Reducers
Gear Boxes • Base Kits • Face Mounting Brackets • Vertical Mounting Brackets • Input Bushings • Shaft In / Shaft Out • C-Face In / Hollow Bore Out

Inline Helical Speed Reducers

Looking for a specific product? Download our listing of available styles and types.

Strength, Reliability and Quiet Performance. Learn more about Vortex.

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