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Axis® EMQ Deep Groove Ball Bearings

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What makes Axis® EMQ bearings better?

Axis manufactures a full line of ball and roller bearings. We’re going to present the premium features of Axis deep groove electric motor quality ball bearings that put them into a class by themselves.

Elevated Standard

Standard motor-quality ball bearings achieve ABEC 1 tolerances. AXIS manufactures their EMQ bearings to the more precise tolerances of the ABEC 3 standard. ABEC 3 as standard is only one step Axis has taken on the path to quality. Another? Honed raceways.

Honed Raceways

The raceways on Axis bearings are not just ground, they’re finely honed to a super finish. This reduces friction resulting in quiet operation and leading to longer life. Honed raceways are one more step toward unsurpassed quality, but that’s not all. The balls that run in those raceways also represent a measurable improvement.

Precise Balls

The ABEC 1 Standard calls for grade 25 balls. Axis uses grade 10 balls. Grade 10 balls have extremely tight tolerances for the diameter and roundness of the ball. These tighter tolerances ensure that each ball carries the same amount of load, thus greatly increasing bearing life. This is just another example of the steps that axis has taken to produce the finest bearings possible.

Axis Tests Every EMQ Bearing They Produce.


Noise and Vibration Tested

Another important step that Axis takes is noise testing. Axis noise-tests every electric motor quality bearing. This noise testing ensures that you get a smooth running bearing.

In addition, Axis vibration-tests each EMQ bearing to provide added assurance that every bearing you install will give the performance intended. This step is just another example of the focus on quality at Axis, another is the steel retainer.

Steel Retainers

Steel retainers provide superior performance under a variety of load conditions, and can handle a wide range of temperatures, unlike lower-cost nylon retainers used by many manufacturers. Glass filled nylon has a temperature limit of approximately 225 degrees fahrenheit and becomes brittle and limited in performance over time. For example, a retainer placed in an oven at 160 degrees fahrenheit becomes brittle in a very short period of time.

A steel retainer is particularly important in high temperature or heavy thrust load applications. It’s a very important part of the total quality picture. But there’s more.

Industry Leading Lubrication


Exxon Mobil Polyrex EM is a synthetic polyurea grease. It was developed specifically for electric motor applications. These applications require grease that can withstand prolonged high-temperature operation. Exxon Mobil has done testing in bearings operating at 300 degrees fahrenheit, for over a 2 year period, with virtually no loss in shear stability.

Most major electric motor manufacturers have chosen to standardize on Polyrex EM. Basically, it is recognized as the best, all-around, electric motor grease on the market today. It is even compatible with most lithium-based greases; something not true of previous polyurea greases.

The choice of Polyrex EM grease is one more example of the overarching emphasis on quality at Axis.

Superior Performance

We’ve told you about the revolutionary features that come standard with Axis bearings: Closer tolerances, higher precision balls, noise and vibration testing, steel retainers, honed raceways, and last but not least Polyrex EM grease. All of these things add up to superior performance.

Standardizing on Axis is a wise decision. Explore the range of products here.

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