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Turner Mounted Bearings

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Turner mounted ball bearing units have some truly outstanding features.

Solid Base and Feet

Turner mounted ball bearing units have a solid base and solid feet for added strength .

SAE 52100 Bearing Steel Both Inner and Outer Ring

Turner uses true bearing steel. Several well-known brands use cheaper steel on the inner ring.

Wide Inner Ring

Turner’s wide inner ring reduces cocking and increases life.

Steel Retainer

Turner’s steel retainer provides increased thermal and fatigue resistance compared to cheaper plastic retainers used in several well-known brands.

Anti-Rotation Device

Turner uses an anti-rotation device, which keeps the bearing from spinning in the housing yet allowing it to self-align.

Seal with Flinger

Turner uses a seal with a flinger that spins with the inner ring, keeping dirt away. This creates a labyrinth to keep contaminants out.

Setscrews at 120 degrees

Turner has setscrews at 120 degrees, which balance internal forces on the inner ring. This retains the roundness of the inner ring, increasing life.

Annealed Setscrew Ports

Turner anneals the setscrew ports, which eliminates cracking of the inner ring in this area.

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