Supporting a brand that doesn’t support you back? It’s time to challenge the status quo.

Baart gives you a competitive advantage, supporting you with faster than same day response, consistent flexibility, and competitive pricing you can count on.

Your Reputation is important to us.

Let’s work together to deliver lasting value to your customers.


We answer your questions and inquiries the same day, no exceptions. Need engineering support, application assistance, purchasing help or order acknowledgement? At Baart your request is top priority. Can you say the same for your current supplier?

Innovative Solutions

High-quality, innovative products and solutions create a competitive advantage for our distributors. Our engineering department partners with you, making you a hero in your customer’s eyes by finding the right materials and solutions for every situation.

Your Reputation

We will never leave you hanging. Our large on-hand inventory combined with engineering expertise, easy-to-use literature and tools, and habit for hustle gives you a clear competitive advantage. We believe providing lasting value to our partner distributors is a win for everyone!

Explore how Baart supports distributors differently.

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I wanted to share that Baart does a really good job. I’m glad you decided to work with us.

You have great prices and I’ve never had a problem. Everybody there has a great attitude and is always willing to help. Thank you!

Satisfied Baart Distributor

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