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We support you so you can better support your customers.

Our services offer the same high-quality innovation as our parts - giving you a competitive advantage.

Engineering Assistance

Our responsive engineering team stands by you with engineering support, design assistance, and product comparisons to help you find the perfect solution for your customers. Tired of asking questions that never get answered? At Baart we’re dedicated to giving you clear, helpful answers quickly. You won’t wait longer than a day for the assistance you need.

Reliable Source

Innovative customer service means shaking up the status quo. We maintain a well-stocked inventory to eliminate inconsistent lead times and long waits. Baart gives you options including reserved inventory on hand, flexible roll-over terms, prepaid freight policy and stable pricing to protect your profitability and give you a competitive advantage.

Sales Assistance

We partner with you to beat out your competition and win more deals. With comparison videos, knowledge base, and webinars, we help you sell our innovative solutions to your customers. We even offer worry-free joint sales calls to help you close the deal while protecting your customer base. You’ll be the hero in your customers’ eyes.

Baart has been working with our team for the last 6 years, providing us the utmost knowledgeable customer service.

They have really helped with the growth of our company. I am confident about Baart and I can surely recommend their high level of service.

Satisfied Baart Distributor

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