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Solid Lubrication: Choosing the Right One for Your Bearings

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Solid Lubrication render

As bearing technology evolves, solid lubrication is increasingly becoming a replacement for traditional greasing methods. The additional layer of protection solid lubrication provides is a huge benefit–one that can provide long-term cost savings and maintain productivity and performance. But not all solid lubricants are created equal. The type of solid lubricant you choose for your application makes a big difference in bearing performance.

Typical solid lubrication

Most solid lubricants are typically applied as an aftermarket modification, done by removing one factory seal on the bearing and flushing out the grease in order to apply the polymer. After applying the solid lubricant, the removed seal remains unreplaced. This application process leads to several long-term problems:

Fill reliability

The process creates an unreliable fill due to “trapped air” creating voids in the solid lubricant.

Solid lubrication polymer voids

Damage from contaminants

Inconsistent fill with voids can leave the internal rolling elements unprotected and open to damage by contaminants. Moreover, visual inspection, guarantees, or verification of the polymer fill is impossible.

Sealing problems

Relying on the polymer fill to function as a seal replacement on the fill side results in inadequate sealing. All of this reduces the polymer’s ability to lubricate long-term, leading to diminished performance and costly maintenance.

How Lubrilife outperforms other solid lubrication

In comparison, the application of Lubrilife occurs during the bearing manufacturing process. This provides major advantages for the lifespan and performance of the bearing.

Competitor vs Lubrilife polymer fill

Uniform lubrication

The process of applying Lubrilife during manufacturing ensures fully surrounded internal rolling elements and uniform bearing lubrication.

Inspection of the solid lubrication

Because the fill is completed without seals installed, the fill is also able to be visually inspected and verified that it was applied consistently.

Superior protection

Importantly, applying two seals provides thorough damage protection from contamination.

Better oil retention

Lubrilife also features a microscopic structure that distributes and retains oil better. In a run-test against the competition, Lubrilife proved to have higher oil retention with far less oil loss— meaning the bearing can perform better and last longer.

In short, after years of development and rigorous testing, Lubrilife is raising the bar in solid lubrication technology, with exceptional performance, consistency, and protection.

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