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Baart Industrial Group Introduces New Permanent Lubrication Solution for Bearings

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A Turner mounted ball bearing with the Housing and outer bearing ring cut away to show the Lubrilife solid polymer lubrication inside.

Houston, Texas, February 21, 2024 – Baart Industrial Group, a leading manufacturer of quality industrial products and services, announced today the introduction of its new product line, Turner Protected by Lubrilife. This innovative solution offers permanent lubrication for bearings, minimizing machinery failures and premature wear, especially for hard-to-reach applications.

Turner Protected by Lubrilife combines the high-quality steel bearings from Turner, one of the brands under Baart Industrial Group, with the solid lubrication technology from Lubrilife, a polymer that completely envelops the rolling elements and acts as a seal to keep contaminants out. The polymer also has micropores that release and wick oil for the life of the bearing, eliminating the need for manual greasing and maintenance.

“This is a game-changer for engineers in harsh environments, where lubrication-related failures can cause costly downtime and safety hazards,” said Dan Bonner, President of Baart Industrial Group. “With our permanent lubrication solution, our customers can enjoy the trusted toughness and proven reliability of Turner bearings, without the hassle and expense of grease maintenance.”

Using a fully synthetic oil with additives, the product line can run in extreme temperatures from -40°F to 195°F without compromising the bearing’s speed factor. Turner Protected by Lubrilife works well with various applications, including conveyors, fans, pumps, mixers, crushers, shredders, and more. The product line offers pillow blocks, flange blocks, and take-up units, with bore sizes from 1/2″ to 3 15/16″.

Customers can learn more at Turner’s website.

About Baart Industrial Group

Baart Industrial Group is a leading manufacturer of quality industrial products and services. They specialize in mounted bearings, power transmission components, chain, sprockets, gears, and stainless steel components for heavy-duty applications, and offer a variety of housing styles, locking mechanisms, and seal options. Baart Industrial Group also offers innovative solutions for engineering, sales, and engineering assistance to help distributors and customers with their individual needs. For more information, visit

About Turner

Turner is a product of Baart Industrial Group. Turner specializes in mounted bearings for heavy-duty applications, offering a variety of housing styles, locking mechanisms, and seal options. Turner bearings are engineered with the quality required to master even the toughest applications. For more information, visit

Turner Protected by Lubrilife

Check out our new permanent lubrication solution.

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