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Axis Ball & Roller Bearings

Axis Products Include:

Ball Bearings
Roller Bearings
Angular Contact Bearings
CAM Followers
Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings
Precision Spindle Pairs
Precision Planer Bearings
Split Ball Bushings
SAF Blocks / SNW Adapters
Steel Balls

Axis Quality Features:

Rigorous Quality Standards and testing for every deep groove Axis ball bearing means you can be confident with your choice. Many of our bearings far exceed industry standards, some as high as ABEC 7.

Noise and Vibration Testing for EMQ (Electric Motor Quality) bearings ensure limited vibration and longer life for your bearings and adjoining parts.

Steel Retainers give our EMQ bearings higher strength, temperature resistance and thrust load capacity, while many manufacturers have standardized on less expensive plastic retainers.

Machined Bronze Retainers for precision planer bearings and angular contact ball bearings allow for higher operating speeds and smoother running, as well as better heat dissipation.

BlackStar Power Transmissions

BlackStar Products Include:

Open Gearing
Timing Pulleys

BlackStar Quality Features:

Superior materials for lasting durability. We use wear resistant materials and provide hardened teeth for long lasting durability. Our Black Oxide treatment gives our roller chain sprockets an attractive, rust-resistant finish.

Quality engineering to keep you running smoothly. We maintain the highest standards of engineering to give you the best results. Many BlackStar products are available in a one-piece forged construction for superior strength and grain structure. View our literature and specifications.

Readily available inventory to deliver results quickly. BlackStar Power Transmission components are readily available to eliminate the long lead times commonly experienced with other brands. Questions about your application? Our team is ready with application assistance to guide you to the best possible solution.

Durus Oil Seals

Durus Products Include:

Oil Seals
Axle Seals
Wear Sleeves
End Caps

Durus Quality Features:

Engineered tough with a variety of elastomers appropriate for all of your mechanical systems.

Reinforced case materials provide durable protection against seal deformation and installation damage.

Superior packaging in individual air-tight plastic creating a longer shelf life for your seals.

Intelligent numbering system offers valuable information at a glance. Never misplace a seal again.

Precise and effective fit with shaft and bore sizes in accordance with relevant standards.


Lubrilife Products Include:

Pillow Blocks
Tapped-Base Pillow Blocks *
4-bolt Flange Blocks
2-bolt Flange Blocks
Flange Brackets *
Take-Up Units *

* Only available in stainless steel.

Lubrilife Quality Features:

Lubrilife’s polymer contains up to 4x the base oil than a similarly sized greased bearing.

Exceptional oil retention and distribution for the life of the bearing.

Standard and food-grade oils are available.

A thorough polymer fill supports seals from within and protects rolling elements from damaging contamination.

All bearings with Lubrilife have two factory-installed seals, which keep the polymer protected from high-pressure washdowns.

Lynx Roller Chain

Lynx Products Include:

HD Series
Extreme Duty
Super Heavy
Steel Pintle
Stainless Steel Roller Chain
Special Application
Attachment Chain

Lynx Quality Features:

OEM (HD) - HD chains are engineered for longer life, from solid rollers with superior performance characteristics, to factory pre-loading that reduces initial stretching, to precision heat treatment for consistent hardness throughout the entire strand.

High Performance & High Speed (XD) - XD chain builds on the reliability of HD chain to include solid bushings with aligned oil ports for superior lubrication, wide-waist link plates to greatly increase fatigue and shock-load resistance, and press-fit connecting links that don’t decrease load rating.

Heavy & Shock Loads (SH) - Designed for the heaviest loads, this series features through-hardened alloy pins to increase load capacity and are quad-staked to increase holding power on the side plates.

Live-Bed Trailer (Kingpin) - This steel pintle chain includes quad-staked pins to increase strength in typically abusive applications, a self-cleaning open-barrel mechanism, and an open-barrel design that allows contaminants to escape from the chain without any seizing or tension spikes.

Corrosion Resistance - With multiple levels of corrosion resistance, there is a line perfect for every budget. Nickel-plating has the strength of standard chain, with very basic corrosion resistance. Stainless steel has high resistance, but less strength. Dacroclad offers the best of both worlds, with both high strength and resistance, and includes technology like self-repairing and passivation to protect the steel underneath. Ecoclad also accomplishes this, but is manufactured with a more sustainable and eco-conscious process.

Mariner Stainless Steel Mounted Units

Mariner Products Include:

Pillow Blocks
Flange Blocks
Take-up Units
Flange Brackets
Permanent Lubrication

Mariner Quality Features:

Solid base designs eliminate crevices where contaminants can hide, and add strength over comparable products without a solid base.

All stainless composition including housing, bearing race, ball, and flinger components.

Food Grade Grease is standard in all Mariner Bearings.

Anti-rotation outer rings to allow alignment correction without internal binding for longer bearing life.

Investment Cast Housings creating a smoother finish that is stronger and more durable than plastic, and allows for more effective wash-downs.

100% Food Grade Silicone Seals to withstand higher operating temperatures than standard nitrile seals.

External Flinger to prevent seal damage from frequent washdowns and repels contaminants away from internal components.

Machined for End Caps making it easy to adapt our components to your application.

Turner Mounted Bearings

Turner Products Include:

Ball Bearing Pillow Blocks
Ball Bearing Flange Blocks
Ball Bearing Take-up Units
Ball Bearing Hanger Bearings
Ball Bearing Flange Brackets
Ball Bearing Inserts
Roller Bearing Pillow Blocks
Roller Bearing Flange Blocks
Roller Bearing Flange Cartridge

Turner Quality Features:

Stronger materials for your bearings with a solid base and SAE 52100 bearing steel for the inner and outer rings.

Anti-rotation device to keep the bearing from spinning in its housing, while allowing it to self-align.

Contaminant resistant with a flinger spinning along with the inner ring. This seal serves as a labyrinth to keep contaminants out.

Annealed set screw ports eliminate the potential for the steel to crack or break when the set screw is over-torqued or when the bearing experiences sudden shocks.

Set screws at 120 degrees which balances internal forces on the inner ring, helping it resist deformation.

Tru-Loc concentric collars are reversible, non-scarring, and easier to install than bearings with adapter sleeves.

Vortex Speed Reducers

Vortex Products Include:

Inline Helical Reducer
Shaft Mount Reducer
Worm Gear Reducer

Vortex Quality Features:

Carefully crafted quality delivering powerful performance. Unlike common competitors, Vortex gears are made from high-grade, case-hardened steel. We precision grind them for higher efficiency, lower backlash and a quieter, longer-lasting performance. Our housings provide for ample lubrication and are leak-free due to our machining and treatment process. Because we are so committed to leak-free performance, every unit is pressure tested in our factory to eliminate headaches and ensure adherence to our high-quality standards.

Readily available speed reducers so you can get back to work quickly. Need a solution quickly? Vortex speed reducers are readily available to eliminate the long lead times commonly experienced with other brands. We make it easy to find the speed reducer you need by providing the resources you need.

Direct drop-in designs, so you can switch with confidence. Look, we know you don’t want to switch to some new-style you’re not used to. That’s why Vortex reducers intentionally use time-tested designs. You can replace most vendors with confidence, knowing our designs are ready to drop hassle-free into your existing system.