Deliver Top Quality and Reduce Warranty Claims.

90% of bearings fail to reach their calculated lifespan. Premature failure leads to increased warranty claims, cutting into your profits.


What if you could increase bearing life and reduce warranty claims without compromising quality?

The answer is changing how you think about lubrication.

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Special Report - Deliver Top Quality and Reduce Warranty Claims

  • Save money while protecting your reputation for quality.
  • Reduce warranty claims with fool-proof lubrication.
  • Use lubrication to improve more than bearing life.

You want to deliver quality, but can’t afford it with your margins.

It’s entertaining to think that the warranty issues could be solved by using better components, but at what cost? Profit margins are tight.

The challenging market makes you fearful.

You’re comfortable with your current tight margins and don’t want to take any risks that will upset the balance. Is there value in exploring better lube?

You thought you fixed your lube problem already.

Why do bearing failures continue to happen? No matter what you do, the warranty claims just keep coming.

Permanent Lubrication is Game-Changing.

See how YOU can save money and preserve quality.